Are You A Good Candidate For Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

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Orthopedic physical therapy is a specialized branch of rehabilitation focused on treating conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. This includes injuries to muscles, ligaments, joints, and bones.

The goal of orthopedic physical therapy is to help people recover from their injuries while improving strength and mobility. It's important to understand that not everyone is a good candidate for this type of treatment.

Here are a few people that make great candidates for physical therapy with an orthopedist.

Post-Surgery Patients

If you've recently had orthopedic surgery, such as a joint replacement, spinal surgery, or ligament repair, physical therapy is often an essential part of your recovery. It can help reduce inflammation, improve joint mobility, and accelerate your return to normal activities.

Athletes of All Types and Levels

Whether you're a professional athlete or just someone who plays sports on the weekend, physical therapy can help improve your performance. Exercises to increase strength and flexibility are designed to reduce the risk of injury while improving speed, agility, and power.

People With Postural Alignment Issues

If you suffer from poor posture due to an underlying condition such as scoliosis, physical therapy can help you improve your posture and reduce pain. Strengthening exercises can help correct muscle imbalances that contribute to poor alignment.

People With Chronic Pain Issues

If you find yourself struggling with chronic joint or muscle pain, physical therapy can provide a comprehensive treatment plan to manage the condition.

Exercises to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility can help reduce discomfort and increase your range of motion. Additionally, physical therapists can provide advice on lifestyle changes to manage pain between visits.

People With Arthritis

Physical therapy is an important part of treating arthritis. Exercises to maintain joint range of motion and decrease inflammation are essential for reducing pain and improving mobility. Physical therapists can also teach patients how to modify their activities of daily living to reduce discomfort.

People With Workplace Injuries

Individuals who have suffered musculoskeletal injuries at work, such as repetitive strain injuries or falls, can recover more effectively with the help of orthopedic physical therapy. Plus, physical therapy can help to prevent future injuries by helping you develop better posture and ergonomic work habits.

Contact a Physical Therapist To Learn More

Physical therapists specialize in musculoskeletal health, so they can provide a detailed evaluation and treatment plan to help you heal. If you think physical therapy may be right for you, call an office to learn more about your options. For more information on orthopedic physical therapy, contact a professional near you.