Three Reasons To Schedule An Independent Orthopedic Evaluation

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Independent medical evaluations are crucial when dealing with disputes involving medical injuries. These evaluations establish a causal link between the injury and the accident, thus providing accident victims with a basis for pursuing compensation. Accident victims should consult a qualified medical practitioner for a valid evaluation to assist them in building their case. For instance, independent orthopedic evaluations are essential for accident victims suffering from whiplash injuries. A whiplash injury is a neck injury that leads to neck sprains, headaches, neck stiffness, and shoulder pains. Whiplash injuries usually impact people's ability to perform their daily activities and may permanently affect their quality of life. Thus, those with severe whiplash injuries should go for an immediate independent orthopedic evaluation before hiring a personal injury attorney for legal representation. Here are three reasons independent orthopedic evaluations are crucial when seeking compensation for whiplash injuries:

Offers an Impartial Evaluation

Independent medical evaluations are crucial and must be administered by qualified and impartial medical practitioners. Courts use these medical evaluation reports to determine whether someone's compensation claim is valid. Thus, one must obtain an objective, reliable, and impartial medical document that the disputing sides can use. Independent orthopedic evaluations are administered by ethical practitioners who understand the importance of providing an unbiased evaluation. As such, patients suffering from whiplash injuries should visit these professionals to obtain an impartial assessment of their case. 

Facilitates Evidence Collection

Independent medical evaluation reports are essential because they provide evidence to establish the link between the injury and the accident. Thus, Independent orthopedic evaluations help people convince the court and insurance companies that their whiplash injuries are valid and should be compensated. The medical practitioner considers the patient's medical history and compares their previous and current results to prove the injury occurred due to the accident. Thus, people should go for independent orthopedic evaluations to collect compelling evidence of their whiplash injury.  

Provides a Basis for Receiving Compensatory Awards

Independent medical evaluations are integral in determining the compensatory award. Compensation hinges on multiple factors, such as the extent of the injury, lost earnings, and future losses. The compensatory award also includes medical expenses for surgery, buying medicines, and future treatment such as rehabilitation. Independent orthopedic evaluations help determine the extent of the injury and how it is likely to affect one's life. Thus, people with whiplash injuries should go for an independent orthopedic evaluation to increase their chances of gaining the compensatory award and receiving a huge bonus.

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