Getting Your Knee Replaced? 5 Tips For A Successful Knee Replacement Surgery

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Having a bum knee can take the joy out of life. Getting your knee replaced is just the first step in a long recovery process that will allow you to get moving again. That is why it is essential to know how to approach the recovery process.

#1: Don't Stress Out Your Knee

After your surgery, it is vital to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your knee. You will not want to lift heavy objects as you heal, as that weight can damage your knee. You will also want to make sure that you turn your entire body in the direction you are facing to avoid twisting your knee. Be mindful of how you move so you can avoid putting unnecessary stress on your knee.

#2: Attend Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is not a suggestion, and it is not for the weak. Physical therapy is an essential part of your recovery process. You need to ensure you attend all your physical therapy sessions and work on the exercises that your therapists ask you to do in your personal time. Doing your physical therapy exercises should be your top priority during your recovery process, so find time to make it happen.

#3: Treat the Inflammation

It is common to experience inflammation after your knee replacement surgery. In the days or weeks after your surgery, the area may swell. During this time, you will want to alternate heat and ice on the area to deal with the swelling. Don't try to tough out the swelling; treat it with heat and ice to assist in the healing process.

#4: Be Smart About Strengthening Your Knee

You will want to strengthen your knee, but you are going to want to be smart about how you go about that process. Start by talking short walks around your home and then short walks around your neighborhood. Allow your knee to strengthen slowly. As your knee gets stronger, engage in low-impact exercises that will continue to allow your knee to strengthen, such as swimming, golfing, or biking on a stationary bike.

#5: Be Patient

It is essential to be patient with the recovery process. You will not be going on five-mile runs a week after you have knee replacement surgery. You will have to follow your surgeon's recovery advice, engage in physical therapy, and work to strengthen your knee. Eventually, you will be running that five miles again, but you need to be patient as you build up the strength so that you can finish your fun when you take it on.

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